Statement of aim and objectives

Transforming childhoods research network aims to transform childhoods, through engaged and theoretically-informed research and policy impact, in Dundee, the UK and globally.

The specific objectives are:

  • To transform thinking around children’s lives through theoretical, conceptual and empirical developments in research with young people.
  • To raise the profile and beneficial potential of research for understanding children’s lives in context and for influencing policy and practice at all levels.
  • To develop research capacity within Dundee University by creating opportunities for new and established researchers to carry out independent, cross-disciplinary, and where appropriate multi-professional, high quality research

Key research agendas currently include:

Environments: home, place (neighbourhood, community, village, city), school, nation and global society

Relationships: inter- and intra- generational relations, spatial (geographic and virtual) and temporal (lifecourse) relations including transitions, scaled relations (family/kin, friends, communities, government and national & international networks)

Justice and Rights: Research that has children’s rights at its centre and a commitment to socially just ways of working with young people.

Capabilities: Research that focuses on the capabilities of children within context for transforming their own lives and demonstrating resilience. E.g. overcoming poverty, disaster, trauma, or exclusion; shaping their built environments; and informing future developments in relation to contemporary challenges including climate change, ageing, health or environmental degradation


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